Arkansas Riverwalk

Cañon City’s Arkansas Riverwalk Trail follows the Arkansas River for more than seven miles, winding through wetlands, groves of cottonwoods, and the John Griffin Regional Park, a nature area located in central Cañon City. This is an ideal trail for those looking for a leisurely walk with beautiful scenery.

The crushed gravel path is open for biking, hiking, strolling, and horseback riding. Leashed dogs are welcome. An early evening stroll along the riverwalk provides a great opportunity for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

The Cañon City Whitewater Kayak and Recreation Park is an exciting new addition to the Riverwalk area, benefiting boaters, fishermen, hikers, walkers, bikers, and runners.

Start: You can begin your walk along the Riverwalk Trail at a number of points. Popular parking areas are Centennial Park, Sell’s Lake (off 9th Street), MacKenzie Avenue Trailhead, and Tunnel Drive.

Distance: Total distance = 7.5 miles one-way

Elevation gain: 200 feet total

Fitness effort: Mild

Difficulty: Novice

Terrain: The trail is mostly flat and graded natural surface with crusher fines and occasional paved sections.

Seasons: January-December

Trail users: This trail is used by hikers, bikers, walkers, bird watchers, strollers, and runners. Horses are not allowed on most of the trail.

Dog-friendly: Yes. Keep your dog on a leash, bring waste bags, and clean up after your pet. There is a dog park located just east of Raynolds bridge.

Note: At high water (late May-June), the trail may be closed at 9th Street.

This peaceful and scenic trail is easily accessible from the following trailheads:

Tunnel Drive Trailhead

Tunnel Drive Trailhead is located west of Cañon City off Highway 50 and overlooks the Arkansas River and railroad tracks.

Riverfront Recreation Area Trailhead

The Riverfront Recreation Area Trailhead is located just east of 4th Street. It will take you west into Centennial Park or east to 9th Street.

Sell Avenue Trailhead

Located off 9th Street, the Sell Avenue Trailhead runs in two directions—west to the Riverfront Recreation Area or east into John Griffin Park past the Recreation District’s Ropes Challenge Course.

John Griffin Park

The center of the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail lies within John Griffin Park, where it separates into two trails—the River Trail and the Bluff Trail.

Ash Trailhead

Located at 1600 Park Avenue, the Ash Trailhead provides plenty of parking and access to John Griffin Park. You can loop around the park by using the Bluff Trail or the River Trail.

The Raynolds Trailhead

The Raynolds Trailhead is just east of the Raynolds Bridge and across from the Ash Trailhead. It will lead you in two directions—west into John Griffin Park or east towards Mackenzie Avenue.

The Brookside Trailhead

The Brookside Trailhead is just west of Mackenzie Avenue and will take you west towards Cañon City and the Ash Trailhead.