Peek into the Past

For a fun and educational afternoon, explore some of our museums. The Museum of Colorado Prisons is the actual site of the state’s first women’s prison.

The Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center is housed in the city’s original 1920s municipal building. The rich history of the Royal Gorge Region can be explored here and the History Center is a genealogy destination with information on over 4,000 regional families. Its exhibits include the dinosaur display.  The hefty bones and a large petrified tree provide an interesting insight into the world of the dinosaur.

Garden Park on the north side of Canon City is an area known for being a favorite area in the state for paleontology.  Take a hike down the trail to see the dinosaur excavation sites and beautiful scenery.   You’ll be amazed at the rich dinosaur history, including intact dinosaur skeletons that have been found in this area.

Florence Pioneer Museum is a three-story museum full of oil and coal mining displays. There’s also a rock room and an old city jail and an outhouse

The Fremont Center for the Arts is operated by the oldest arts council in the United States and features monthly shows and events such as the Brew Ha-Ha Microbrew and Comedy Festival.